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Adding To Our Family

I am SO excited to share with ya'll!! Kindred Soul Photography is growing and adding more talent. I'm writing you today to introduce you to these FABULOUS ladies!

Previously, I shared with ya'll about my sister, as my office manager- welp, she's picked up a camera and found out she is better suited for being my trusty second shooter! yayyyyy!!!

so re- introducing my sister, Crystal:

"Hello Internet!!

My name is Crystal, or 'Hey you with the face!' I am Amber's right hand lady, second shooter, bag holder, and most importantly, her baby sister! My family and I recently moved to Houston and I have since joined the KSP family.

My husband and I have been married for eight years, we have three wonderful kids, and my husband works in law enforcement. I am a total geek at heart (Doctor Who anyone?) and spend my free time binge watching Netflix. If I'm not on the couch or running around after my army of children, you can find me in the gym cursing my trainer. I mean what kind of person tells you to do burpees? MY Trainer, that’s who! But enough about me, I can’t wait to hear your story! <3 "

Now, because of this transition, we've been able to fill the office manager position. Finding the right person for the job couldn't have been easier! As luck would have it, one of our clients, Miss Emma, who has quickly become a close friend, stepped up to the task and she's been whipping us into shape! Her organizational skills are unparalleled and so the next time you shoot us an email- make sure you say hiii to her, because she's the one helping you out!

Without further adieu, Emma:

" Hi, I'm Emma. I'm weird and I love it. I'm 28 and the mom to 2 adorable puppies. Im getting married in 5 months to the love of my life who also drives me insane. I work full time for a financial advisor (shout out to Precept Wealth Management) and I am also working on my MBA. In my free time, I am a gamer (PC and PS4) and I love to color. Im a proud Star Wars fan, and I am a huge fan of shooting people with my camera."

We have been so blessed to offer an internship program this year, and let me tell ya'll, the competition was crazy! so much talent and so many wonderful personalities applied to our first round of interns! After carefully reviewing applications, portfolios, and interviews. Our selection has been made!! We have TWO wonderful, spirited, super cool, totally awesome interns!!

Our first intern:

Let me start by saying, when I met with this wonderful lady, it was an instant connection! Hearing her story and seeing her passion as she spoke about doing what she loves and raising her family. it was one of those rare moments when you recognize a kindred spirit immediately. She is outgoing, contagiously happy, and one of the biggest hearts I've met. literally, I don't know if she's ever encountered a stranger, lol! But let me tell you guys- watch her. GREAT things are coming!

Ya'll, meet Adrianne:

"I’m a mother of 4 boys, a wife, and a photographer of light & love. I have an obscene passion of freezing moments in time that might not be remembered otherwise. Before I chose this career path, I’ve always been a hard worker. My work ethic is insane. I’ve held a full-time job since the age of 16. Worked a number of different food, blockbuster (I’m totally showing my age..haha), government contracting in Afghanistan..I’ve done it all. But after settling down, and creating the small village which is my family, the universe guided me back to one of my first loves. And on that note, I believe I personify love..compassion..zeal..and it shows through my work! My dream is to spend every waking moment that I can with my family, while simultaneously documenting those precious instances for others."

Our second intern:

When I first heard from this super sweet girl, her words jumped out at me. She spoke of dreams, and admiration, of her love of God, and how she wanted more than anything to find her path. Everyone can relate to that right? Her enthusiasm is catching, to say the least. during our meetings, the energy she exudes is almost tangible. she has the drive and positive outlook that you want to surround yourself with. I cannot wait to see how she grows into her full potential!

Ladies and Gents, This is Jade:

"My name is Constance Jade Robinson, but you can call me Jadey from the block. I'm a 22 year old full time daydreamer, married to my best friend, striving to get away from the average 9-5 job. My favorite thing in life is: people. I studied communications in college and that's where the core of my love for photography comes from-my love of working with people! I love to dance, sing, and be silly the entire time I'm working with clients, while delivering high quality photos!

God is working through me to show you the beauty of love and grace."

ALL of these talented women are working hard at their craft, they share ambition, they share knowledge. They work to build one another up. I am so blessed to have them as part of the Kindred Soul Fam <3

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