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Say YES! to Your Dress - Picking Your Perfect Bridal Dress

Picking the perfect gown isn't always easy. We have a few tips to keep in mind when you're ready to hit those bridal shops.


Know how much you can spend on your dress (and accessories) and stick to it! Trying on a dress outside of your price range is a sure-fire way to fall in love with a dress, only to have a price tag break your heart. Veils, tiaras, capes, jewelry, etc. are going to cost extra, make sure you have a budget laid out for all of your accessories as well.


Have a style in mind. Bring magazine clippings, website print out, or have a general idea of how to explain the style of dress you want. Your consultant will thank you for having some sort of idea in mind.


Invite a small group of supportive friends and/or family come with you. Make sure they know and understand your budget and bridal style. They need to know that this is still your wedding gown, but also be there to offer constructive advice when asked.


Don't show up to your appointment in your gym clothes, comfort is always important, but so is having the necessary under garments to give you a good idea of how the dress with look. If you want to go strapless, bring a strapless bra, bring your Spanx, and a pair of high heels similar to the height you'll want for your ceremony.


Your consultant and support team are there to give you the best feedback they can on the dresses. Some gown styles are less flattering than other styles for your body type. Don't be afarid to try different styles, but also keep in mind the look you want. After all it's still your dress! Share with your consultant your wedding theme, and venue style, they can help find a gown that will go with your vision.


Buy the dress you don't want to take off! If it's the first dress you try on, then it's the first dress you try on. Check out a few more if you want, but go back to it one last time and if it still feels right then get it! Sometimes it really is love at first sight.

Happy Shopping!

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