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Anniversary | Personal Post | Houston, TX

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary! I want to share it with you and give you a little back story...

Ron and I met when I was 18, he was 21. He was wearing a baby blue Nike shirt and ball cap- we chatted at a party and although he was cute- at first, I didn't think dating material. He quickly changed my mind with his natural charm and boyish grin. We had a crazy short dating period of 3 months before we said " I do" and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Not even a year later we welcomed our little girl into the world and a few short years later, our son.

We're the unconventional couple, the odds stacked against us- and 12 years later, here we are standing.

We grew up together, learned hard lessons, picked each other up from our deepest lows, cheered each other on in our successes. For all of my adult life- Ron has been my constant. He's kept me grounded and humored my outlandish ideas of owning my own business and encouraged me to chase my dreams. He really does put up with all my crazy... from laying on his lap forcing him to rub my head, to listening to *what I call* my emotional breakdowns over birthday party decorations not being the perfect shade of pink. HA!

As a wedding photographer, I see so many couples, hear, so many stories, and I love it. because every story is unique. Every relationship is custom tailored to the couple.

If you're reading this post- leave me a comment with how you met your significant other <3

*Photos taken by Sydney Barker of Barker & Co.

Edited by yours truly <3

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