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So you're looking for a Photographer....

Welcome to the blog y'all! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, put on your comfy socks and sit down for a while! So, I figure the best way to start this blog is to introduce myself, my photography, and let you know why *I* am the perfect photographer for you!

I'm Amber, the owner and super awesome, magical, uber talent behind Kindred Soul Photography.

First, a warning... I am NOT a professional writer. I write exactly the way I would speak it.

*Humor me and imagine the enthusiasm in my words... because that's what I'm trying to convey!*

It may not always be grammatically correct, but the message is just little ol' me telling the world she loves photography and hoping the world will love her photography back. haha

I'm a very bubbly, positive person who is always trying to make more friends..

No seriously, I can make us friendship bracelets.

But an eloquent writer, i am not.

My two kiddos, B & C, are what rekindled my passion for photography. ( What mom DOESN'T love a million pictures of her babies?!) Being able to capture a piece of their ever growing personalities has been a complete blessing. Y'all will see them periodically throughout the blog, mostly trying different styles and concepts. They're pretty good about it with the right bribe... Um, ice cream anyone?! HA!

I am a hopeless romantic. I cry at every wedding, every Troop homecoming video, and even those really sad adopt-a-puppy commercials. I could seriously cover the world in glitter and drink a gallon of coffee a day.

Most importantly, YOU are looking for a photographer *who I'm hoping is me*, and I am looking for a client. *who I'm hoping is you!*

So, lets get down to business! *To defeat the HUNS*

My photography has a vintage romantic vibe to it. I love feeling the emotion through photos. I'm self taught, and by that I mean, LOTS of paid workshops, mentorships, and so much trial and error. So, soo much. But photography is my passion and I will forever be learning and challenging myself. I'm confident in my work and I love my clients fiercely.

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