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Hey There!


I'm Amber

I am a mom, a coffee enthusiast, and a romantic at heart. I live in Texas with 2 kids and the worlds' laziest dog. I love the outdoors and taking as many adventures as possible- growing up in a military family, traveling is in my blood. When I am not photographing my amazing clients,  I am usually running around with my awesome little family, rocking a messy bun, and listening to 90s and 2000s pop and hip hop.

Photography started as a hobby about ten years ago and I have been blessed to make it a business.  Throughout the years, I have found that what makes my heart the happiest is photographing love stories. My passion lies in capturing your stories, and creating heirlooms for you to give to your grandchildren someday.

Things  I  Love

Traveling the world


Cheese- for real guys, Queso always makes me happy!


Puppies in sweaters

The smell of citrus


Pajama pants and messy buns are LIFE (can I get an amen?)

I want to document all of the details, the joy, and the raw emotions of your wedding day.

Telling your timeless love story with my camera is my passion.


You have a story to tell, a story about you and your fiancée, about the love you share and how it resonates with those close to you. Let me help you write the first chapter to the rest of your lives. 

     Capture those Beautiful moments

Enough about me..Tell me about You!


Amber Martin

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